About  Us

KMC SHUKUROGLOU LTD was established at the end of 1988 by Mr. Andreas Kaisis after purchasing the existing “JJ SHUKUROGLOU safe and office equipment manufacturing company”.

The new company continued and expanded the activities of the old company, manufacturing a complete range of safes for homes, offices, professional institutions, banks etc. The company eventually became a leader in the Cyprus market while at the same time enjoying success as an exporter of safes.

In 2003, KMC SHUKUROGLOU concluded an agreement with CHUBBSAFES (U.K.), to be their representative in Cyprus. Since then, KMC SHUKUROGLOU has become their exclusive agents in Cyprus. CHUBBSAFES currently provides us with a full range of safes, fire files, data cabinets, SDL, Vaults and Vault doors.

In 2003, we also reached an agreement with Bisley office equipment, to supply us with an extensive range of filing systems and office accessories.

In 2018, we also reached an agreement with Bruynzeel, a global leader in the manufacture of high density mobile archive and storage systems.

KMC SHUKUROGLOU also supplies multiple solutions from Helmsman (U.K.), which provides a large selection of locker systems for Gyms, Restaurants, Hotels, etc.

Our extensive experience and history manufacturing home safes, special size home safes, wall safes and Vault doors, insures that our technical team is able to provide an excellent level of service and technical support for all the products we import.