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Depending on the range, you can customise your product with a different lock. Thus you can benefit from a comprehensive lock offering that includes the latest industry solutions, which offer a wide range of features. So whether it be the “mechanical combination” lock or an electronic solution, you can be sure to have a lock that will meet your security needs. Below the key terms associated with the range of locks. Definitions:

  • KEY LOCK: A manual key-operated lock.
  • MECHANICAL COMBINATION: A mechanical keyless dial lock with a changeable combination.
  • ELECTRONIC LOCK: An electronicallyoperated keypad lock with a changeable combination.
  • MANAGER MODE: Allows one user to control the functions of other combination holders.
  • NUMBER OF USERS: The number of users able to program in their own access code.
  • TIME DELAY: This feature allows for a pre-set delay between operating the lock and being able to open the safe. The operation may vary between lock types.
  • TIME LOCK: Time lock allows the user to set periods during which the lock may be operated, e.g. during business hours only. The options available will vary between locks.
  • DUAL CONTROL: Allows two users to enter their details before any operation can be performed.